Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil (Vegan, Paleo, No Sugar)

Since this is the first post on Cannabliss Wellness, let’s start with the basics. Cannabliss recipes will mostly be made using this oil (and tinctures later on). There are a ton of reasons why we use coconut oil as our standard canna oil (high saturated fat content, dietary restriction friendly, etc.) but if you’re allergic to coconut or if you prefer using butter, you can sub the oil for butter 1:1 in this tutorial and in subsequent recipes.

Making a quality cannabis infused coconut oil is one of the best ways to ingest marijuana (IMHO). There’s no smoke, no nasty solvents to worry about, no special tools or accessories needed to consume it AND if you can keep your temperatures controlled, you get the opportunity to ingest more of those amazing cannabinoids and other healing compounds that marijuana is getting pretty famous for these days.

Plus, this oil is extremely versatile and you can do so much with it. I made my first cannabis cookbook using only recipes that used this oil and I got up to over 50 in a couple of months. Since then, I’ve put together 3-4 other cookbooks that are based around this oil, so I’m confident that you’ll never get bored with the amount of stuff you can create with it.

You can also put it in capsules, add it to tea (like High Chai) or spread it on toast for fast and easy dosing.

If you’re using this oil in combination with Cannabliss Yoga or Meditation, start with 1tsp about 45minutes-1 hr before beginning your practice. This will allow you to be present as the effects come on, but won’t have you so medicated that you’re stuck to your yoga mat 😉

This tutorial is adapted from Wake & Bake: a cookbook. 

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